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1. Data Security / Data Protection / Use of the Forum

1.1 The internet is a publicly accessible system. The release of the user’s own information on the Internet shall take place at the user’s own risk. The data may be lost or fall into the hands of unauthorised persons.

1.2 Despite this, the operator shall guarantee that the programme-related information made available within their systems will be protected according to the customary standards as well as in accordance with the legal regulations. The operator shall observe the legal data protection regulations. User data shall be handled confidentially. Any onward transmission to third parties shall only take place insofar as this is permitted by the data protection regulations or agreed to by the user. The data privacy declaration made by the operator for these platforms shall apply.

1.3 The platform software saves so-called ‘cookies’ on the user’s computer, i.e. small pieces of information enabling it to offer customer-specific and personalised services. The data stored there improves the usability of the platforms, for example, by showing new articles since the last visit or saving the username and password, insofar as the user wishes this. Cookies remain saved on the hard disk until they are deleted manually. However, the browser can be set in such a manner that either no cookie is stored automatically or only following a separate request. If the user does not wish cookies to be stored, however, this may result in restrictions regarding the use of individual offers.

1.4 Users have the possibility of sending messages via the platform software. In this process, the sender does not learn the receiver’s address. In the case of any forum articles, the system saves information on the name and e-mail address, but also the anonymised IP address. E-mail addresses and anonymised IP addresses will, however, only be accessible by the operator’s employees. To prevent misuse, the operator reserves the right to check these messages, but only in the case that there is already an actual suspicion of a severe violation of the present Terms and Conditions of Use or of statutory provisions.

2. Warranty and Liability Disclaimer

2.1 Use of the platforms shall take place at the user’s own risk. The operator shall not assume any warranty for the accuracy and completeness of the contents stored on the platform pages by them or placed there by third parties. The operator shall not be liable for any possible damage that may arise through use of the platforms and the services and contents offered on them; in particular, the operator shall not be liable for the suitability for the user’s purposes of the information and services made available. Responsibility for use of the information and services made available shall rests with the user.

2.2 The operator shall not be liable for ensuring that the contents and services placed by third parties on any of the platforms are free of the rights of third parties. Such contents and services may be encumbered with third-party rights so that it may be possible that the users make themselves liable towards such third parties when using these services and contents. Any use of the contents and services placed by third parties on the platforms shall thus be at the user’s sole risk and on their sole responsibility.

2.3 In addition, the operator does not guarantee the constant availability of the platforms and their contents and assumes no liability for server outages or other events that restrict the availability of the platforms either wholly or in part, temporarily or completely.

2.4 The platform operator hereby expressly distances themselves from the contents of all websites linked to from their platforms. Responsibility shall lie with the operator of the respective site alone. The operator assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any such contents. This declaration shall apply to both links in the platforms and links submitted by users on the forums. Many articles in this forum contain expressions of opinion as well as outbound links. The operator shall not be responsible for the content of individual third-party articles, unless something else is indicated by a special response to the individual article. The operator of the website referred to and/or the user who has published the articles on any of the platforms shall be solely liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents as well as for any damage caused by the use or non-use of the respective information.

2.5 The platform operator shall be liable in case of claims for compensation for damages in accordance with the statutory provisions for intent and gross negligence including intent and gross negligence of their representatives and auxiliary agents. Moreover, the platform operator shall also be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions in the case of any intentional or negligent violation of any fundamental contractual obligation, i.e. any obligation that is of special importance for the fulfilment of the purposes of the agreement and on the fulfilment of which you relied on and you were also entitled to rely on.

2.6 Except in the event of any intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract, the liability of the platform operator shall be limited to the typical damage foreseeable at the time when the damage occurs. Claims in the case of fraudulently concealed errors or due to any damage to health, body or life shall remain unaffected by the limitations of liability above. In all other cases, the platform operator shall not be liable.

2.7 The liability for loss of data shall be excluded. The user is advised to create sufficient backups of his own data by himself.

2.8 The user shall be obliged to immediately indicate to the operator in writing or by e-mail any possible damage in the sense of the preceding liability regulations so that the operator is informed at as early a date as possible and may – together with the user, possibly carry out damage limitation and/or reduction. This notwithstanding, the user shall also be obligated to take damage limitation measures.

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