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Musselman & Hall Boosts Efficiency with Bluebeam

Musselman & Hall, a veteran construction company with a century of experience, transitioned its project estimating process to Bluebeam software. This shift has resulted in significant improvements in both efficiency and productivity.

The company, based in Kansas, has a long history of building strong client relationships and specializing in concrete, asphalt, and railroad projects. Over the past two decades, they have expanded their expertise to include broader general contracting services for a wider range of clients.

Musselman & Hall, like many established construction firms, has consistently embraced new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. They prioritize speed, accuracy, and efficiency, which are essential for success in the construction industry.

“We’ve always aimed to be at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends,” stated Kyle VanSlyke, the company’s COO and a 25-year veteran. “While there may be occasional setbacks, we strive to constantly equip our team with the best tools available to excel in their roles.”

However, in 2021, the company encountered challenges with a specific technology tool used by their pre-construction team, responsible for project acquisition and cost estimations. Their existing software, designed for calculating estimates, was reaching its limits.

“The software utilized a specific OST file format, while the construction industry was increasingly shifting towards PDFs,” explained Christopher Leheney, the company’s pre-construction manager.

The OST format necessitated an additional conversion step to PDF after completing takeoffs, creating unnecessary work in a workflow increasingly reliant on PDF documents. For instance, if they received documents in PDF format, they had to convert them to OST for takeoffs, then back to PDF for client review.

The team sought a solution that could work seamlessly with PDFs, allowing for markups and takeoffs directly within the same document, eliminating the need for unnecessary conversions.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, Musselman & Hall opted for Bluebeam. “We evaluated several options, narrowing it down to a shortlist of four or five contenders,” Leheney said. “Bluebeam ultimately emerged as the frontrunner during our in-depth analysis and selection process.”

Choosing Bluebeam

Choosing Bluebeam, particularly for its robust quantity takeoff capabilities, proved to be a straightforward decision. “We meticulously weighed the pros and cons, comparing features and pricing across different options. Bluebeam ticked all the boxes for our needs,” concluded Leheney.

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