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How Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chests Empower Civil Construction Companies

How Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chests Empower Civil Construction Companies

Explore how Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chests contribute to the transformation of civil construction practices at Devcon Civil. Learn about the reasons behind Devcon’s investment in Bluebeam Revu and how it has elevated their project delivery capabilities.

Devcon Civil, a New South Wales-based civil construction specialist company with decades of experience in various construction domains, credits its longevity to a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The adoption of Bluebeam Revu has played a crucial role in showcasing this commitment.

As a third-generation family-owned company, Devcon strategically undertakes projects of diverse sizes and complexity between Sydney and the Hunter Valley, ranging from roads and civil works to concrete, drainage, and kerb and gutter installations. This deliberate approach not only future-proofs the business but also provides enhanced value to clients and fosters an environment of innovation.

Estimating manager Cameron Pass emphasizes the collaborative nature of Devcon’s partnerships with clients, stating, “Our clients are our partners, and we work in synergy with them to transform ideas and plans into a reality. We are driven by a sustainable approach to everything we do and continually seek new methods and innovative solutions.” Devcon’s commitment to sustainability and continuous innovation is evident in its adoption of Bluebeam Revu since 2018.

Pass, drawing on his previous experience with Bluebeam, seamlessly introduced it to Devcon, citing its pivotal role in streamlining workflows. The use of Bluebeam for take-offs and markups, particularly leveraging the Tool Chests, has significantly improved the accuracy, speed, and quality of Devcon’s markups and sketch outputs.

Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chest

Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chest is a customizable collection of markup tools enabling users to save and share their preferred markup tools and settings for quick access. This includes commonly used symbols, annotations, measurements, and other markups crucial in construction and design projects. Customization and consistency are key aspects of Tool Chests, making them tailored for construction, civil works, and related businesses.

Devcon’s mobilisation of the tool chest

Devcon has effectively mobilized Tool Chest features for the past five years, with the estimating team serving as superusers. Over 500 preset tools have been created, organized by categories of works such as demolition, road works, and storm water works. This detailed organization enhances accuracy, consistency, and shared understanding across the organization.

Layered tool chests enable the creation of template sets for different groups of tools, further categorizing them based on types of works. This flexibility and customization have allowed Devcon to build a competitive edge by bringing a level of professional communication and clarity to the tender bidding process.

Building a competitive edge

The tool chests have proven invaluable in managing large-scale projects, such as a recent one in Sydney, where hundreds of pages of drawings required effective development and management of tool sets and flags. These flags, functioning as page markers, enable quick navigation, saving time, building confidence, and enhancing collaboration.

Six reasons why Devcon invested in Revu

Devcon’s investment in Bluebeam Revu can be attributed to six key reasons:

1. Efficiency: Tool Chests improve efficiency by allowing users to create a personalized set of commonly used tools, reducing time spent searching.

2. Consistency: Standardized toolsets ensure consistency in markups and annotations across different projects, crucial for standardized communication.

3. Customization: Users can tailor tool chests to include specific symbols, shapes, and markups, enhancing the user experience.

4. Time Savings: A readily available set of tools in the tool chest saves time during the markup process, fostering quicker annotations.

5. Collaboration: Tool Chests facilitate collaboration by enabling the sharing of standardized toolsets, ensuring consistency in symbols and markups.

6. Project-specific Tools: Tailoring Tool Chests to the unique requirements of a project allows users to create tools and markups relevant to specific job needs.

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