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The “SHAPE THE WORLD | Digital Transformation In The AEC Industry” Event

The “SHAPE THE WORLD | Digital Transformation In The AEC Industry” event, held on September 14th, was a collaborative effort between the Nemetschek Group of Germany, GSI Company, and CIC Technology and Consulting Joint Stock Company under the Ministry of Construction.

This event proved to be a resounding success, drawing over 100 attendees from construction companies and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby regions. It stood out as one of the pivotal construction gatherings in 2023, boasting the participation of global experts hailing from top-notch software technology companies like ALLPLAN, Bluebeam, Graphisoft, and others. 

As technology’s profound influence on the construction sector has become increasingly evident in recent years, the ‘WORLD INNOVATION | Digital Transformation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry’ event centered around potent tools crafted to enhance performance across all construction projects. It delivered the latest insights on comprehensive software solutions geared towards streamlining design, construction, and project management processes. 

An overview of the event featured the participation of experts in the AEC field

The event was divided into two sections, featuring a total of seven topics. The first section delved into ‘Workflow for Civil Projects,’ showcasing the roles played by software Archicad, Allplan, Bluebeam, and Solibri throughout the design-to-build journey. In contrast, the second section explored ‘Workflow for Infrastructure Projects,’ discussing the applications of Allplan Bridge, DC-Software, and Twinmotion. 

Image shared by Mr. Sándor Bali - Senior Customer Success Manager, Graphisoft

According to Mr. Sascha Avermiddig, General Manager at GSI, “The event was organized with the objective of equipping our attendees with the most efficient and effective workflows, leveraging groundbreaking technological solutions to elevate construction projects in Vietnam and the global market.” 

The event also provided a platform for experts to exchange views on upcoming trends in the construction industry, notably addressing questions like “How will BIM & AI shape the AEC industry?” This informative session was spearheaded by Mr. Luong Thanh Hung, Deputy General Director of CIC Company, and featured participation from international speakers. 

The experts engaged in a discussion on the topic “How will BIM & AI shape the AEC industry?"

In addition to the insights from the attendees, Mr. Detlef Schneider, Director of ALLPLAN, also spoke at the event about Nemetschek Group’s vision: “Nemetschek continually strives to provide the most innovative software solutions for the construction industry. We aim to contribute to ‘world innovation’ by assisting engineers and architects in creating outstanding and sustainable structures through our software.” 

Mr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN, shared Nemetschek Group's vision

Among the event’s attendees, Mr. Minh Nhut, BIM and Business Development Manager at The BIM Factory, expressed, “The insights shared at the event were tremendously valuable and can be directly applied to enhance our company’s real-world projects. The BIM Factory presently utilizes several software solutions from Nemetschek, such as Allplan and Bluebeam, and we are contemplating the integration of Solibri for quality management and BIM model coordination. I am hopeful that GSI will continue to organize high-caliber events like this, offering more opportunities for learning and networking with peers in the field.” 

Finally, the guests participated in a game with a series of questions about software knowledge for a chance to win the prize, an iPad Mini 6, provided by the organizers. 

Phan Anh from World Steel Company won the prize in the game at the event

The event concluded with lots of positive feedback from customers. GSI, CIC Company, and Nemetschek Group have promised to bring more special programs for experts in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, with the aim of further developing and sustaining the industry. 

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